Why are bells used as currency in Animal Crossing?

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Why are bells used as currency in Animal Crossing?

Notapor Tonyfirst » Lun Feb 22, 2021 1:11 am

Animal Crossing allows players to accrue bells, the in-game currency, by selling off various natural resources. The idea is the fact that you'll then Buy ACNH Bells to add charm to your island. But some gamers happen to be taking advantage of the in-game sell to do some pretty shady things — including insider trading about the Stalk Market plus a whole swapping mechanism specialized in moving specific villagers to in-game islands. Others are just on vast reserves of bells like Scrooge McDuck, having gotten there by some choice turnip selling.

Now Nintendo looks like it's trying to fix this absurd situation by designing a small exchange signal of the in-game bank. Starting from if you download the update, the Bank of Tom Nook (as a consequence of course that tricksy little shit is involved) will inform you that this interest rate on bells adjusted down. This will mean you'll earn less on saved ACNH NMT with time, but to pay you'll get yourself a lovely rug. So it won't necessarily stop the individuals who've already managed to make it big as bell barons in-game, but it'll stop some people from replicating their feats.

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