Manor Is The True Magnitude Of A Manor

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Manor Is The True Magnitude Of A Manor

Notapor Kingang » Vie Oct 30, 2020 6:32 pm

Other info: I'm unlikely to acquire mems anytime soon. Str is highest at 93, with Range being in 60+ and Magic being 72 iirc. Decent quantity of food I pumped up for clan wars (largely Tuna along with OSRS gold a lot of uncooked lobs), Explorers Ring 4 using free food too. I would not mind dunging when it was not for the lengthy time it took to clear a dung, has anything changed for dunging since, idk, 1.5 decades ago? I also would not mind pretending to play because the gender I'm in-game (which is clearly a male ~.

Fundamentally, with the huge shift to battle generally, how has armour changed? From what I've seen, I have these concerns: Armor no longer give assault bonuses, what incentive do I have to say in my class-appropriate armor? How does that work? Why will I wear rune then Theroretically, as offensive bonuses no more come from armor, even if I am a safespotting mage/archer, wearing poor armor shouldn't put me in any disadvantage in comparison with someone wearing the best possible armor. Is that correct?

Not really an armor question, but for example, Spiders are feeble to crush. How can I see their weaknesses in different categories? How do I tell which element of spell is most suited at coping with them, or which kind of ammunition I need to use? Or should I forget entirely about trying to use anything besides melee against these? I've heard most of the weapons are balanced now, is it the exact same case for armor? AKA will I be able to use string mail against a crush competition without losing defensive bonuses? Square shields and Medium helms too, did they get any updates that push them into viability? I must acknowledge the new update is enormously confusing and I'm still trying to find out the fundamentals. I appreciate some help. Thanks!

Since the Evolution of Combat update burns off at Rs 2107 gold players, one of those battle cries heard is,"Adapt or Die!" . This shout is usually heard from EoC fans on the premise that adaptation to change is a fantastic thing. Trouble is, people are toolmakers and thinkers, we are made to alter things to adapt the environment around us to our requirement. When that environment includes other people we need to speak it out. Adaptation in the feeling of passively accepting what the other says must happen, is being a sheep. You get slaughtered.

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