That is hardly unique to Madden

Tu experiencia nos es útil a todos, y también esa anécdota, ven y cuéntanos.
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That is hardly unique to Madden

Notapor Smarthuiyuan » Vie Sep 25, 2020 9:47 pm

It is not the ideal Madden. After over a dozen years of writing about the football collection, I know it never is. The earnings figures of this past week and the review scores of last month make persuasive and equal instances, though. Madden NFL 21 is the lowest-rated match in history; and Madden nfl 21 coins sales are up -- way up -- within the record-setting figures that publisher Electronic Arts introduced last year.

Instead of that being the case of some trend overcoming another anomaly, or vice versa, I think the truth is a story that both combine to tell: Madden NFL 21 is a piecemeal upgrade lacking a superstar mode, and it sells like gangbusters since it pleases its lovers.

Oh, sure, COVID-related buying may play a part -- multiple publishers have reported large sales tailwinds they attribute, with great reason, to the quarantine lifestyle. But I can not see it as being the whole story when Madden, every year, is thrashed by the traditional wisdom, and when Madden, every August for the last 21 decades, has been the bestselling game of its own month. You don't reach that point year after year simply because you're the only marketplace option.

That is hardly unique to Madden. EA Sports UFC 4 started in the same month. It was the second-bestselling game of August. UFC 4's testimonials, although better than Madden's, also call it an iterative release, more elegant than remade more than its predecessor, which launched in 2018. And we do not have the sales amounts for NBA 2K21 yet, but that, also, is taking a critical and community beating. The 60s it is dragging on Metacritic -- for the very same reasons Madden 21 is becoming torched -- are unprecedented, but it will not surprise me to see the NPD Group, which tracks sales of games at the U.S., listing NBA 2K21 first for September.

I believe like sports video games have gone past the tipping point where an iterative release can provide its important modes of play anything more than a good streamlining. Whenever I review one of these games, I find myself disappointed that Franchise in Madden or even MyGM in NBA 2K does not have anything to recommend it, other than the usual polishing.

However, when I'm going to criticize a game for what is not inside, I have a ready illustration of what should be there. I don't. Do you? Fixing trade logic or midseason player development may be necessary, but these are pragmatic improvements. It is likely that developers have run out of big, new items to do with the heart game.

No one -- neither developer nor participant -- would admit this, but it makes sense. The console generation that is about to debut will sell like gangbusters at launching, and supply audiovisual fidelity that is a incremental improvement over the present systems, rather than a leap forward. That is a core feature. Well, similarly, I anticipate most of everything I do in Madden NFL 21 and NBA 2K21 on PlayStation 5 to be exactly the exact same as it is on PlayStation 4, in which 10 yards gets you a new set of buy mut coins madden 21 downs, and a ball through the hoop is just two things, three when from 22 feet, 3 inches. Both games have been shown that I for more than a decade.

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