Hydraulic Pipe Cutting Machine factory

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Hydraulic Pipe Cutting Machine factory

Notapor astao60 » Mar Ago 13, 2019 2:41 am

ModelUnitMC-350YManual feeding,
Automatic clamping,
Automatic cutting
Saw blades Φ350×3
Cutting angle 90° 45°
Hollow square tubemm100×10060×60
Hollow circle tube Φ100Φ80
Solid circle tube Φ50Φ40
1. Vertical sliding feed, stable feed, long tool life.
2. Special design, multi group gear drive, suitable for heavy sawing, stable accuracy.
3. The machine has firm structure, small vibration and long service life.
4. Coolant circulation automatically to ensure smooth surface of workpiece and long life of saw blade.
Video of pipe bending machine:Hydraulic Pipe Cutting Machine factory

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