Bathroom Ceiling Light

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Bathroom Ceiling Light

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Product Description
Flush mount Bathroom Ceiling Light is in the round shape which are greatly suitable for bathroom use while well fitting to the common aluminum gusset plate decoration.
Water is commonly used in bathrooms. In addition to waterproof materials for walls and floors, ceilings are no exception. At present, the home bathroom decoration uses the integrated ceiling of the aluminum gusset plate, which has a good function of waterproofing and moisture proof, and is very convenient to use. Moreover, the integrated ceiling of the aluminum gusset plate is integrated with the electric appliance, and the overall installation is also very convenient and tidy, and the bathroom decoration can be very nice.
▶Good function of waterproofing and moisture proof.
▶Not easy to mold.
▶Service life of more than 5000 hours.
Apart from being used in the bathroom, the Flush mount Bathroom Ceiling Light is actually can be used in the kitchen, right on the cabinet
Company Advantage(Self-run factory direct selling )
Sanying Lighting has expanded factory size again in 2018.Now the factory area of Sanying company has reach to 14,000 m2, in which contains 5,000 m2 for production workshop, 6,000 m2 for warehouse, 3,000 m2 for office.We have more than 150 employees. All of our products order will be finished in time.
Factory Display
Research and Development (Patent authorized in China)
Bottom illuminating with socket mirror light
The utility model allows the hand washing table to have light, the waterproof socket can reduce the safety hazard, and at the same time, the angle of the lamp body can be adjusted according to individual needs, which is suitable for individual needs and makes the user more comfortable to use.
Company Information
Sanying Lighting has a good reputation in LED Lighted Mirror industry filed after 10 years efforts. We will always work harder to produce products that meet customer expectations. We sincerely hope to establish a long, friendly, mutual and win-win relationship with customers from all over the world.
Bathroom Ceiling Light

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