China Dry Powder Mixing Machine

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China Dry Powder Mixing Machine

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Quotation Sheet:
Quote Subject:VH-400 V Type High Efficiency Mixer
ItemDescription of the goodsQuantityUnit PriceTotal Amount
FOB Shanghai By seaRemark
1VH-400 V Type High Efficiency Mixer1 SetUSD6,500.00USD6,500.00Whole body with stainless steel 304
1 SetUSD8,300.00USD8,300.00Contact part with stainless steel 316L
Optional Parts
1Safety guard1 Set
Ⅰ Note:The validity of this quotation is 60 days
Ⅱ Delivery 20 working days after receiving 30% deposit.
Ⅲ Payment 30% by T/T in advance,70% of the total value by T/T before shipment.
Installation and after sales service:
Installing and Commission: We will install and test the machine in best working condition before shipment. If customer requires our technician to adjusting the machine and train technician at arrival place, we will send technician there. All our expenses including round-trip air ticket to the nearest airport, local conveyance to your factory, Lodging & Boarding expenses shall be payable by you. In case the stay of our technician, the service charges US $ 100per day will be charged extra.
Warranty Period: There is one year for fully machine guarantee. And in this year if the machine broken caused by Mechanical problem, all of the spare part is free. The service of the machine all though the machine’s life.
After sales service: 1. we have seven technicians who gets passport ready to travel all over world to offer service to you.
We have 24hours hot line for Technical Support.
We get 18hours internet line for technical support.
Video camera in workshop to help you adjust and solve machine problem in working situation.
VH-400 V Type High Efficiency Mixer
The mixer is used for mixing the dry material grains in the medical, chemical, food, metallurgical and other industries.
The mixing barrel structure is unique. The mixing efficiency is high. There is no corner that can not be reached. The barrel uses the stainless steel and its internal and external walls are polished. The outside appearance is beautiful. The mixing is uniform, with wide application. The mixer meets GMP standard.
●It is used to mix the dry-powder, granular materials with good liquidity.
●It consists of two asymmetric cylinders. The materials can flow as vertical and horizontal direction. The mixing uniformity will be above 99%.
●It adopts vacuum feeding under sealing state. There’s no driving structure inside and be clean, no dead corner in according with GMP standard.
Main Technical Data:
Model Name: VH-400
Total Volume: 400L
Working Capacity: 200L
Material Fed in Time: 3-5min
Mixing Time: 4-8min
Stirring Speed: 18r/min
Motor Power: 1.3Kw
Total Weight: 1150kgs
Machine Photos:China Dry Powder Mixing Machine

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