Vorago is one of the best designed bosses in RuneScape

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Vorago is one of the best designed bosses in RuneScape

Notapor Nanlina » Lun Jul 13, 2020 7:55 pm

As a P mod, there is nothing worse than logging into my home world every day to observe the SAME bots seeking to purchase t Ray for 2b, and advertising these stupid sites, to RS gold just get muted for one hour and have nothing ever happen, other than me logging back in to re-silence them for an hour... so dumb. I mean other than muting them what else could be done? They continue to mix it up although I legit do not know anything besides placing in spam filters. I really don't want them to add a entire lvl chat restriction because legit new players will hate not having chat for say the first numerous lvls.

Not much can be done but they need more filters around reviewing materials and reports. Why has nothing been done once I mute the account for two weeks straight. There aren't any filters to say"hmm lets check with this man that gets muted for the same thing over and over again" and when there are, it certainly seems as if there aren't! This is the reason I have a very hard time believing all of this"Jagex has very innovative bot-detection algorithms and most bots are banned instantly". I mean really, if they can't automatically even prohibit accounts which stand at the GE literally spamming the identical thing over and over again, you truly have to wonder what they can detect.

They can not discover that if you do it correctly, its very easy to set up an autoclicker/macro which is not detectable as long as you don't leave it running for a long time and just mix it in with your normal play. Even though they're there are so many ways to do things"legit" which are so effective that you may as well be using the autoclicker. For instance intercepting your mouse wheel inputs and replacing them with clicks, some mouse software includes this feature already, then you may hold your mouse off the pad and only fiddle with the wheel while you see youtube or some thing.

Or rebinding keyboard keys to perform mouse keys actions faster, like say you are fletching darts, together with mousekeys that you need to press 8 5 5 2 5 repeatedly. You can re bind 6 consecutive keys to this arrangement and only run you finger over and over which will be easier and faster. Better yet use a script that inputs another part of the sequence whenever you press a few key, that way you only need to spam that one key; suppose that 1 key is the scroll wheel again, just a more sophisticated variant of the very first instance.

Vorago is one of the best designed bosses in RuneScape

It is in my view one of the bosses in the entire game, Though Vorago is more than 7 years old today. The group has to optain the maul of omens over stages to complete Vorago of. My first time Climbing the Tl5"agility course" to tear the initial maul bit is amongst the most memorable pvm moments in most of RuneScape. It feels epic. (yes it looses a number of its charms once you realise that you give up all shed potential for the cheap OSRS gold phase however thats not the point). And I dont think I′ll get tired of seeing my personality finishing vorago away in P5 goin him up smashing him with the maul is this a good feeling.

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